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6 Hypnotherapy Sessions

Congratulations on making the decision to invest in your inner mind. With six HypnoFertility Sessions with Natalia Griffin, C.Ht, you get approximately six and a half hours of private hypnotherapy, private VOXER communication (download the app) with Natalia Griffin.  Sessions can scheduled every week or spread out once a month. 

What People Are Saying:

My experience with Natalia has been life changing! I sought help from Natalia for fear of public speaking. I had developed a fear of speaking up in virtual meetings . My fear became crippling, where I was starting to feel a visceral reaction - heart beating wildly, voice shaking and ears plugging up. Natalia's voice is very calming and after it ended, I already felt a difference. The second session was really powerful - diving deep to find root cause and re-framing thoughts about negative past experiences. There is a recording Natalia does that really soothes me and I listen to it multiple times a day. I needed to lead several calls for my company and I felt the most change between the 2nd and 4th sessions. The first couple calls I was able to calm myself down and get through them. The last call I had just felt like normal conversations with friends. I no longer stress out about meetings, have no problem leading calls and look forward to contributing on them. My journey has been a complete 180 and I feel completely empowered to have my voice back. I can't say enough good things about Natalia! It's literally changed my life in a matter of 6 short weeks.

Amara Heng

Not only is Natalia an experienced professional in her field, she is kind and compassionate with each client. She treats every person with the utmost care and individualized attention. Natalia assisted me with hypnotherapy when I was struggling with insomnia and have been sleeping like a baby ever since. Thank you Natalia!!!

Nina Izurieta

Natalia. Changed. My. Life!!! I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have met and worked with her. My was struggling with body image and had been my whole life. After a few sessions with her almost a year ago my life was completely changed. I don’t say that lightly. She has also helped many of my clients with fertility and I’m so incredibly grateful for her! If you’re reading this… book a session! You will not regret it.

Cara Kelly

Hypnotherapy with Natalia has been a wonderful and healing experience for me right from the start. My primary goal when starting hypnotherapy was to be present and lessen my anxiety, topics I had worked in talk therapy for years without much success. I had a secondary goal of conceiving a child, as I was going through an infertility journey as well. Natalia was amazing from the moment I spoke with her. My anxiety improved and I miraculously became pregnant after a few months of working with her! I had a rough first trimester with some complications and worked with Natalia again to heal my body, which I achieved with the help of hypnotherapy. I truly believe in the mind-body connection to achieve little (and big) miracles. I would highly recommend Natalia and cannot say enough about her talent, expertise, and professionalism throughout my hypnotherapy journey! Hypnotherapy is truly for everyone, you will never regret giving yourself this remarkable gift!! I cannot thank Natalia enough for being a positive light in my life's journey

Kelsey Nisbit